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Common Problems with Power Windows

Your auto glass is designed to provide convenience, protect you from the elements and add a bit more safety to the vehicle in the event of an accident. When auto glass was first developed, it was rather dangerous in that it would shatter much like regular window pane; large shards could be created and this could turn otherwise small accidents into life-threatening events. As time wore on, additional safety measures and regulations helped make auto glass a much safer substance. An array of conveniences were also developed to make this type of glass even more accommodating.

One such convenience is the development of power windows, which have been standard fare in many automobiles for around two decades. Because power windows involve moving parts and a series of mechanical elements, it is likely that sooner or later, one of your car windows will malfunction. In some cases, this is an easy fix, but there can sometimes be an expensive repair job involved. If you have recently suffered from a malfunctioned car window and want to learn more about what can cause this, then continue reading to discover the most common problems that occur with power windows.

Blown Fuse

Before you do anything, you should first check to see is a fuse has went bad in your vehicle. The fuse responsible for your power windows, like all other fuses, needs to be replaced from time to time. Your vehicle will likely have a diagram or chart embedded on the cover of your fuse box, which will help you identify which fuse connects to your power windows. If the fuse appears to be burnt or charred in any way, then it is definitely time to replace it. It should be noted that in most vehicles, a blown fuse will prevent any of the windows from being rolled down; if it is just one window that is giving you trouble, then continue reading.

Other Electrical Issues

If more than one window is acting up but the replacement of a fuse does not solve the problem, then it is most likely an electrical issue that may pertain to the vehicle’s wiring. Wires can go bad over the years; particularly in older models, you may need a new set of wires installed in a section of the car after fifteen to twenty years. You can use a voltmeter to follow the path from the fuse box to the switch and onto the motor, looking for any area in which there isn’t approximately 12 volts detected. A gap in this voltage at some point along the wiring line suggests that the piece of wiring will need to be replaced.

Window Motor

This is perhaps one of the most common issues that people will face, and every car owner will ultimately have to deal with a window motor replacement if they own the vehicle long enough. This process can be done by anyone, but it takes a good deal of prior research and steady hands. For this reason, many people resort to an auto glass technician to perform the repairs. The Auto Glass Safety Council reports that technicians handle more than 80 percent of all window motor replacement jobs in the United States. If just one of your windows is not functioning properly and will not budge at all, then it is very likely a window motor issue.

Reels and Cable Window Regulators

The track upon which your car window moves up and down is more delicate than you may think. A series of sharp vibrations, an accident or simple wear and tear can ultimately cause this vital piece of automobile equipment to become non-functional. These parts are fairly simple and under the right circumstances, may begin to snag or give way. This can lead to your window suddenly falling out of place or refusing to raise beyond a certain point. Since there is still power to the assembly in this case, you may hear the window motor attempting to raise or lower the window. It is highly recommended that you call an auto glass technician for any repairs needed to this part of your car window.


There are several gaskets and seals on the interior of your car door that help keep precipitation, moisture and debris out of the inside of the housing. This prevents electrical shortages and premature malfunctions in these important components discussed earlier. These gaskets and seals, however, can ultimately go bad. If they do, you may have an issue where one or more begins to block the path of the window as it is rolled up or down. Weatherstripping adhesive can be a great way to remedy this issue, but you may need some assistance from a qualified technician to perform the repairs.


If one or more of your car windows suddenly ceases to work, do not panic. In nearly all cases, one of the problems mentioned above will be the cause. Depending on the situation, your insurance and any existing warranties on the vehicle, you may not have to pay anything to have the repairs performed. Likewise, it could be something as simple as a fuse, which requires virtually no time or cost to replace. If you believe it is a more serious problem, however, then you should contact a qualified auto glass technician who understands the mechanics of power windows. He or she will be able to provide you with the best diagnosis and repair/replacement solution.

Author: Raymond Howell, Master Technician, Knoxville Auto Glass

Why Should My Auto Glass Be Repaired Today?

All too many people drive around day-to-day with damage to their windshield and other forms of auto glass. These can occur from everyday driving or special occurrences, and may present themselves in the form of cracks, chips or fractures. Many people don’t give much thought to the problems that a cracked windshield or broken window can cause for the driver, their automobiles and their families while on the road. Unfortunately, the elements aren’t very considerate of whether you are aware of these details or not.

This not only can create aesthetic issues, but can also be deadly in the wrong circumstances. Auto glass is designed to protect you, but it can only do its job if it is in prime condition and treated properly. Many people neglect their auto glass, thinking it will hold up in any situation. This couldn’t be further from the truth, so please take the time to learn more about this problem. Below, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should have your windshield or auto glass repaired today if you wish to be safe behind the wheel.

Little to No Cost

In the vast majority of cases, auto glass repairs are not incredibly expensive. The costs associated with an auto glass replacement job for a windshield or other piece of glass can add up quickly, but simple repairs are often easy and affordable. In addition to this, those with insurance that offers auto glass protection are almost always covered under those provisions; in many cases, there isn’t even a deductible for the repairs to be performed. If there is damage to the window, then the same would apply. Most auto glass repair jobs take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete, so don’t put off what can be done today!

Safer Driving Conditions

Not many people understand the most important element of safety that a windshield and auto glass provide to the vehicle. Its fit, size and tempering all help the glass reinforce the cabin of the vehicle more so than would be possible without its inclusion. In fact, up to half of all of the vehicle’s roll-over resistance is provided through an intact windshield being in place. Without the shock absorption and resistance that a properly installed windshield can provide, a simple roll-over might turn into a fatality.

Whenever there is a crack or chip in the windshield, this can weaken its overall effectiveness. If the car were to flip and pressure were applied to the windshield, then it could suddenly give – along with the roof of the car. It is also worth mentioning that any cracks in the windshield could eject a passenger in the right situation; if they did not have their seat belt on in the wake of an accident, then the combination of that, their force coming into contact with the window and the crack might be enough to leave them unprotected.

Visual Clarity

Tiny cracks and chips in the windshield can be a trouble and a nuisance, according to Even the smallest chip or crack can ultimately cause distractions, reflections of light and obstructions in your field of view when it matters the most. If you are driving east in the morning and suddenly lose sight of the road due to refraction of the sunlight on the crack, what do you do? These momentary inconveniences may seem like nothing more, but the danger they present is clear and real.

Whether it is sunny, rainy or night-time, it is always important to have maximum visual clarity while on the road. Because of this, any crack or chip needs to be addressed by an auto glass technician as soon as possible. If the damage is caught early, then money, time and frustration can be saved.

No More Damage

Last but not least, it is important to repair your auto glass today so that you can avoid damage to the area in the future. Auto glass is susceptible to the bumps and rough patches on the road, as well as exterior elements like wind and dust. All of these can slowly wear down our windshield and auto glass’ abilities to fight the elements – especially if a crack or chip is present in a windshield. These forces often act upon one another to erode additional surface area and create new cracks that will compromise the integrity of the windshield even more so.

By preventing the spread of damage to your auto glass or windshield, you will do two things. First, you’ll save money by not letting the problem become so advanced that a total replacement of your auto glass is required, and secondly, you’ll ensure that no additional medical or health-related problems are exacerbated by any accidents related to compromised auto glass. Ultimately, the neglect of such damage on an automobile is detrimental to you and your family’s long term safety.

Author: Brandon Garrett, Affordable Auto Glass Milwaukee


Ways to Remove Spots and Residue from Your Car Windows

You rely upon your windshield for a number of reasons – it helps keep the wind from striking you in the face while driving, diverts debris away from you and keeps out moisture in the event of precipitation. In the past, windshields were capable of providing these benefits but did not have some of the more modern features like tinting available. As windshields continue to garner more and more features, the aesthetic appeal is something that becomes more of an expectation than an amenity. Unfortunately, there are plenty of real-life events and elements that can disrupt your visibility and clarity while on the road.

The most common form of distraction while on the road are the spots of residue, dirt and other substances that can find their way onto your windshield. Over time, many of these types of spots will slowly build a home on the surface of your windshield, making it very difficult to clean them via traditional means. This should not be something that you have to simply ignore whenever you get behind the wheel. Thankfully, there is now enough knowledge and ingenuity at our fingertips to remove these troublesome occurrences from the auto glass and ensure safe driving. Below, we will discuss a few different ways that you can remove spots and residue from your windshield and windows.

Remedies for Water Spots

These troublesome spots are the most common form of distraction that can manifest on your windshield. You no doubt have many of these water spots on your windshield right now; most are subtle enough that they are only noticed in certain forms of light, but wet conditions and other situations can cause them to suddenly appear more pronounced. When you are driving in inclement weather, you need to be sure that these water spots are not producing additional glare or obfuscating visibility. Thankfully, there are a couple of different remedies to consider.


The first remedy that can be used on water spots is an application of vinegar. Since water spots are primarily comprised of minerals like calcium, an acidic substance such as vinegar can be a great way to break down the bonds. Water spots can also be caused by acid rain, soap and other so-called additives, but calcium is the most common culprit. By mixing a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water in a bottle, you can spray it onto any glass surface and allow the concoction to sit for a few minutes. After this time, you need only wipe down the windshield with a smooth, soft cloth to remove the residue. Do keep in mind that depending on the amount of residue, you may need to repeat this process more than once.

Steel Wool

Another common way to remove some of these troublesome spots from your windshield is via the use of steel wool. Since most of the accumulation of water spots is directly tied to minerals such as sodium and calcium, a fine-grade steel wool option can be the perfect way to remove these minerals from the surface of your windshield. You can find the perfect type of steel wool for this task at a hardware store, so please ask the next time you visit. Traditional steel wool solutions (like the type designed to clean dishes) can be too abrasive and may damage the windshield, according to the Auto Glass Rescue Blog. This process works best for older windshields – if you have an newer windshield, then continue reading to find out about a better solution.

Detail Clay

Depending upon the age of your windshield, detail clay may be the best solution for the removal of these spots. With older windshields, small pits and holes in the surface of the windshield may pick up this clay and leave it trapped there. If you own a newer windshield, however, detail clay can be a great tool that removes water spots and other types of residue. You can simply roll the clay across the windshield in a back and forth fashion to collect this debris and remove it safely from the windshield. Detail and auto glass shops keep plenty of detail clay in stock, so don’t be afraid to ask for this powerful solution.

Tougher Stains

Sometimes, aesthetic damage and staining are simply too profound to be adequately removed via the above remedies. In this case, you may need to make an appointment with your local auto glass repair shop. While the glass may not be damaged, these businesses will have the tools necessary to assess your windshield and see if the stains and spots can be removed. In many cases, they have special solutions on-hand that can remove even the most difficult of spots in no time at all. You may wish to check with your auto insurance company beforehand, however, as these costs may not be covered.

Safety is the number one concern when it comes to your windshield. Even if your auto glass is free of cracks and chips, smudges and spots can prove to be hazardous when on the open road. It is because of these concerns that occasional maintenance of your glass in the form of cleaning is needed to prevent serious build-up of minerals, dirt and other contaminants. You can quickly perform most of these forms of maintenance every few weeks, but a prolonged ignoring of the situation can make the removal process much more difficult. When in doubt, always consult with an auto glass technician to ensure no damage occurs to your windshield or windows.

Author: Eric Green, Technician, Ace Windshield Replacement