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Great Ways to Weatherproof Your Windshield

The elements of Mother Nature can be rough on our homes, properties, bodies and vehicles. In the case of our vehicles, certain design elements and preparations by auto manufacturers have been added over the decades to make driving in inclement conditions easier and safer for everyone. From brighter headlights and window vents to stronger cabins and better tires, the weather is less of a threat to drivers than it once was. Unfortunately, we still have a way to go in some areas when it comes to OEM equipment, but some aftermarket solutions already exist that can help drivers.

The windshield is one of these elements that can be enhanced after it has been purchased. Whether you have a new or used vehicle, there is a good chance that the windshield has not been properly treated or accentuated in the areas it could be to guarantee increased performance when on the road and in stormy weather. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can augment your windshield’s performance without breaking the bank. We will discuss these options in the following article and help you decide which ones are must haves for your driving experience.

Inspect Your Windshield

This may seem simple enough, but it’s an oft-overlooked way to ensure that your windshield is both weatherproof and up to safety standards. A free and simple visual inspection of your windshield for chips and cracks can be life-saving in some cases, but usually helps drivers catch unwanted cracks and problems before they become too big to fix. In the case of cracks especially, one wrong move on the road can lead to instant and irrepairable damage. A quick inspection followed by a check-up with an auto glass technician can help save you time, money and frustration in the future. With a variety of institutions reporting on the effects that road conditions can have on existing cracks, including the Auto Glass Safety Council, you owe it to yourself and your passengers’ safety.

Repellent Options

Another way you can help protect your windshield and ensure better operation in inclement conditions is to have a professional coating of repellent applied. After consistent use, windshiels and wipers can begin to lose effectiveness without treatment, cleaning and replacement. Your windshield may suffer from calcium build-up, while your wipers may lose their overall effectiveness. This can create hazardous conditions for you on the road when a thunderstorm or other precipitous event strikes. There are plenty of products and professional solutions available that help repel rain and other forms of moisture as soon as they make contact with the windshield, helping you to see the road ahead in any storm.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

This is a common and easy method of increasing visibility and windshield performance that can be easily forgotten. Most people buy a set of windshield wipers and expect them to last for years, but the average pair of wipers needs to be replaced every year or 10,000 miles. When you purchase a new set of wiper blades, you also help minimize uneven friction on the windshield, which can cause problems for existing cracks or add unnecessary residue to the windshield. Most pairs of blades cost less than $15 and can be found at any auto parts store.

Apply Antifrost and Defoggers

There are several antifrost and defogging products now available on the market that can substantially reduce or completely eliminate the accumulation fo frost and fog on your windshield. Most of these products come in spray form and can be applied easily, but a few professional solutions require a bit more work to apply. In either case, an auto parts store or auto glass technician can assist with the application of these solutions. In many cases, people ask for these solutions whenever they take their vehicle in for a windshield repair or replacement. This can help minimize unfortunate accidents in foggy conditions or on dark mornings.

Cost Considerations

Assuming that you do not need a windshield replacement, almost all of the methods mentioned above are low-cost solutions. All in all, you may spend around $30 to apply some antifrost, add repellent and install a new set of wiper blades on your automobile. At the end of the day, though, your safety on the road is more important than a few extra bucks in your pocket. By having a waterproofed windshield, properly functioning wiper blades and a layer of chemical that prevents fog and frost from causing mayhem, your safety in inclement weather is drastically improved.

There are several low-cost or free ways to improve your windshield’s visibility and performance in inclement weather, and we hope that the discussion above has given you greater insight into your options. Before you get behind the wheel again in rainy or stormy weather, please check your windshield for damage, replace worn-out wipers and consider a waterproofing treatment to augment the windshield’s overall performance.