The Basics of Auto Side Window Glass Replacement

Car Window Repair

We have seen a number of advancements and developments over the past few decades that have taken the auto glass from being just like window glass to a formidable first line of defense against the elements. From thin films that block out harmful rays of light to the technologies that ensure windows don’t break into shards upon impact, virtually all types of auto glass now provide an array of benefits that did not exist in years past. Your auto glass is designed to protect you from wind, rain, debris, and other elements that are encountered while driving. Usually, the windshield itself does a great job of blocking these harmful elements.

Since the windshield does such a good job at keeping these elements out of the car, we can often forget about auto side window glass and its benefits. Even though we may often hear about windshield damage and windshield replacements, the need for side window glass replacement is more common than you’d think. Your glass can become weakened or compromised through car accidents, aged glass, and the need to break into the vehicle to retrieve keys, a baby, or something else. With this in mind, how exactly does the replacement process for side window glass work? Below, we’ll discuss the key points of this process and help you understand what you should expect when this service is needed.

The Damage is Inspected

Before any replacement can occur, an auto glass technician will need to inspect the area where the side auto glass is damaged. Usually, an auto glass technician can come to your location to perform the repair, especially if your vehicle currently cannot be driven due to a busted window. The replacement process is almost always the same, but a technician will have to first determine if any special glass is needed for the replacement. After all of this has been done, the technician can move forward with the correct approach and have the repairs performed the same-day.

The Panel is Removed

The paneling alongside your door is used to keep the auto glass in place and will also provide assistance in ensuring that the glass stays on the track as the window is rolled up or down. This will obviously have to be removed in order for the technician to access the remaining side window and any particles inside of it. Even if the window is completely shattered, there probably remains pieces of glass below the panel that you cannot see. Once this is removed, each remaining piece of side window glass can be extracted. The technician will now be able to prepare the area for the new glass.

The Debris is Removed

Especially true if your side window has shattered, hundreds of pieces of glass can easily work their way into the paneling and other parts of your vehicle. Your window regulator can be damaged by this glass if it is not completely removed during installation, so this is a prime consideration for any auto glass technician performing a replacement job. Your auto glass technician will vacuum out any particles that have found themselves embedded in the vehicle, and this is the last step before the actual replacement process begins.

The Window is Inserted

With all of this completed, the replacement side window can now be installed. The window will be placed on the tracks in your door to ensure that it rolls up and down as intended. After this is completed, the window will need to be tested before the paneling is replaced. The auto glass technician will verify that the regulator in the door is in proper order and that no obstacles remain that could impede its functionality. If the regulator appears to have malfunctioned, then a replacement regulator will also have to be installed. There are only a few small steps remaining once the window has been installed and the regulator has been verified as working.

Replacing the Panel and Detailing

After the window is inserted and it is double-checked to ensure it is working, the technician will then begin to replace the paneling. Subpar techniques when it comes to refitting this piece of your car can cause damage to the regulator, so the auto glass technician has to make sure that nothing is in the way when doing this. After this, the technician will clean the windows and ensure that your view of the road isn’t obstructed by debris or smudging. Your new window is now installed and you can begin driving immediately! This entire process generally takes around an hour to complete – assuming no additional parts like new regulators are needed.

In almost all cases, the replacement process for a side window is a quick and painless task. The technician will inspect the area, remove the paneling from the door, clean out any shattered glass and debris from the area, install the new window, and replace the paneling. You don’t want to drive around with a busted window for long periods of time – be sure to call your auto glass shop today to schedule a replacement! Properly installed windows and windshields ensure long-term safety and convenience while behind the wheel.

Author: Frank Gilkeson,